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Exploring Materials and Textures Inspired by David Agenjo

Exploring Materials and Textures Inspired by David Agenjo

The Consortium Staff

David Agenjo 

Spanish-born artist David Agenjo is a self-taught artist living and working in London. After a brief career as a graphic designer, he now devotes himself entirely to painting. He has been exhibited in New York, London, Dublin and Madrid. He is self-taught.
His primary focus is on the human body, communicating a personal engagement through colour and texture allowing us to reconnect with the architecture of living beings. He develops each new painting on top of his previously used palette, fusing the given abstract random colours and textures with new layers of figurative depiction to create a new organic composition.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Exploring the effects when painting on materials
  • Learning about textures  


  • variety of flat materials such as crinkled paper, mesh, nets, feathers etc. 
  • paint + brushes
  • card
  • You may choose to add a printed picture of David Agenjo's work for comparison but this is not a necessity

( Please note - to make it easier, materials should already be prepared and glued onto card/paper before adding paint)


  1.  Show David Agenjo's work to your class, do they notice how some of his paintings show signs of patterns and materials under the paint?
  2.  Discuss the effects the painting has, how it makes it unique.
  3.  give the children their piece of card with stuck on materials as well as paint and paint brushes. 
  4. Paint over materials with a variety of colours 
  5. let the paint dry, once dry ask the children to close their eyes and feel the painting then explain what textures they feel or possibly even write about it depending on their age or ability.

Extensions Ideas

For older children  - Draw up a portrait of themselves then stick on materials before painting over it. 


20170512_160148.jpgClose up of the material comparison