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It is with much regret that we are announcing the closure of Collaboroo.

For more information, please visit this post.

Creating a Happy-Centred School - A Free Online Workshop

Creating a Happy-Centred School - A Free Online Workshop


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Creating a Happy-Centred School

A free online workshop for primary teachers


Come along to this online workshop, if you would like to learn how you can use happiness to increase learning and outcomes in your school.


Part 1 - Thursday 29th June 2017 at 8pm

  • What is happiness
  • How happiness increases learning and outcomes on every level
  • What are the happiness drivers implemented in school
  • Q&A


Part 2 – Tuesday 4th July 2017 at 8pm

  • How to create a happy-centred school culture
  • Delivering happiness in the classroom
  • Using P4C to create happiness enquiry
  • Q&A


Delivered by Stephanie Davies, Director and Founder of Laughology

Recognised as one of the leading voices in the UK on happiness, humour and laughter, Stephanie is increasingly in demand in the world of education. Stephanie is the founder of the Happy-Centred School programme. A programme that puts happiness at the heart of the curriculum and has seen schools who take part increase outcomes and results on every level. She is also is an award-winning comedian with years of experience on the comedy circuit providing an informative yet witty delivery. Stephanie has a range of qualifications in psychology, cognition and neuro-linguistic programming including an MA in the psychology of humour and laughter for personal growth.






Delivered in partnership with Laughology

 Helping schools, teachers, children and the wider school community learn and live happier, healthy lives.


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All contributors of questions featured in the Happy-Centred School online workshop will receive a Collaboroo Teach Happy pack. All questions asked will also be answered by Stephanie on Collaboroo.

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Giving it a go

Thank you for the online workshops on Happy -Centred Schools! Learnt a few new interesting things too! 

Dedicated Collaborator

Hi @Debbie0 great glad you found them useful! Thanks for joining us at Collaboroo, if you would like to ask any questions, share any ideas or join the post workshop discussions, you can do so in this grouop