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It is with much regret that we are announcing the closure of Collaboroo.

For more information, please visit this post.

Hello and Welcome New Collaborators

Hello and Welcome New Collaborators




So, you're new to Collaboroo?!

That's great - welcome to our community and thank you for joining us.


Collaboroo is a place for like-minded teaching professionals to come together to connect, create and collaborate to make education accessible for every child - and it begins with you!


We would love to get to know you. 😃

If you have a couple of minutes spare, please take the time to introduce yourself by answering some of the questions you can find below...


- Do you have any specialist subjects/expertise?


- What is your most memorable teaching moment?


- Tell us THREE things you enjoy most about teaching?


- What would you like to get out of and contribute to Collaboroo?


- What's your PERFECT weekend?


- What do you enjoy doing outside of work?


We really hope that you enjoy the time you spend here on Collaboroo and we very much look forward to your replies.


Teach Happy  from Rachel and Ceri at Collaboroo HQ x



Dedicated Collaborator

Hello everyone,


I thought I would break the ice by being the first to introduce myself!


I am not a teacher but have 2 children, one at primary and one at secondary school. I am governor with a responsibilty for early years at a school in Wiltshire. I really enjoy visiting the school and seeing all the fun that the children are having and hearing about their learning. 


3 things I enjoy outside work: campervan trips and festivals with my family, blogging and fitness classes.


I am really looking forward to getting to know all of our new members and seeing and hearing your ideas.



Collaboroo Writer


I'm Angela...

I have been a teacher for 17 years and have taught all of the age groups from FS to KS2.

I have led most curriculum subjects and spent several years as a SENCO.

I am currently coordinating KS1, as well as working directly with vulnerable, targeted families to help them  support their own children’s learning.

I am also an external assessor of teaching, learning and assessment which means I observe teachers teaching and help them strengthen and develop their skills.


Three things I enjoy most about teaching would be:

The variety - no two days are ever the same!

Seeing a child have a 'light bulb' moment because of your teaching

Watching a class grow, learn and develop


Three things I enjoy outside of work are long walks in the countryside, playing with our new pet chameleon (Nev) and knitting socks!

Collaboroo Writer

Hi, everyone,


I'm Julie. I've worked as an Early Years teacher for around 14 years, and I now work as a writer and proofreader. I love offering insights and ideas on education, and I hope I can help others develop their teaching skills and explore their own ideas. I also really enjoy learning from others about how to inspire little ones and help them develop to their full potential. Those are the reasons why I'm here on Collaboroo, I guess! 


I love sewing, especially making clothes, and also creative crafts like embroidery and collage. I enjoy tap dancing and attend lessons regularly. I've taken part in quite a few amateur shows over the years, organised by our *bonkers* tap dance teacher! It gets a bit manic learning lots of dance routines, but it's also great fun - what with the crazy costumes, etc. - and everyone has a good time.


I have three children and three young grandchildren - who also keep me up on my toes!



Hi all,


I'm Catherine. I trained and qualified as a primary school teacher many moons ago, but left the profession due to ill health. I have built up a range of skills and experiences since then including working in a variety of early years' settings. I am now a full time writer, mother and carer.


My daughter has just (finally) been diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum. Keeping up to date with everything in the world of education has become increasingly important to me as we have moved through the assessment process. I loe to inspire and to encourage people to take a sideways loook at the world around them; it's the reason I went into teaching and continue to encourages others however I can now.

The Consortium Staff



I'm Sefora, I no longer work in a teaching environment but I have had previous teaching experience. I taught after school drama classes to year 5 + 6 in a Primary School in Wiltshire for just under a year, I've assisted in art lessons in a secondary school varying between Year 7 to Sixth Form. I've also had some experience teaching French to year 7's and Private Italian lessons to a variety of age groups.


My favourite thing about teaching is hearing all the wonderful stories the students have, all their ideas and crazy stories!


3 things I enjoy doing outside of work are reading, going on long walks and roaming different cities in search of little cafes I can people watch from with a nice hot drink and a book!  

Community Manager

Hi everyone! 


I'm Rachel 😃

I don't work in a teaching environment, but I had a lovely week's experience in a local Primary School as an assistant teacher. I have very fond memories of all the children and their exciting energy for everything, and all the great activities we did together during school time - even now, 7 years on I still have some of the little bits the children had made and given to me.


Outside of work, I love getting cosy and watching a movie, going day trips, walks and little adventures and also spending time with all those who are close to me. 


On Collaboroo, I am here if you would like to talk or ask any questions, just drop me a message and I will be sure to reply.

I hope that you're all enjoying our community, I look forward to getting to know you! 

Giving it a go


Im Clare and not a teacher but a childminder with almost 30 years of caring for children in the Early Years sector. I started as a nanny, spent 12 years as a childminder when my children were young, gaining lots of qualifications in Child development, then I spent 13 years in nurseries during which time I had 2 years of supply work in school nurseries and pre schools for the experience. I have now been back in Childmnding for 4 years and I love it, I have several children who are 3 or coming up 3 and although they will go to nursery eventually for the one thing I cant give them, their parents want them to stay with me as I can and do deliver the EYFS in a way that the parents want. I am always on the look out for new ideas, methods and experiences for my children and love sharing my own ideas and experiences with others.

Giving it a go



I'm Annabel and I am a private tutor teaching children aged 3-11 years. I throrougly enjoy working with a wide age range;  I also teach KS3, GCSE and adults in English, Geography, History and Psychology. I became a tutor so I could help children who wanted to learn in a school-type setting, but on a one-to-one basis. My favourite thing about teaching is being able to structure lessons to individual children, using different resources for each pupil. I specialise in kinaesthetic learning and also am in the process of developing an outdoor area for the children. When I am not working, I enjoy gardening; singing; and looking after my rabbit and two guinea pigs. 

Community Manager

@Clare50 Thank you for sharing, we're glad to have you on the community and it's lovely to meet you. You've had a lot of varied experiences, I hope that find plenty of ideas to use in your childminding job to try with your little ones! ☺ I look forward to seeing your ideas on the community, I am sure all your ideas will come to great use for the other members ☺


@Abracabella Hello and welcome to Collaboroo, we're happy you've joined us! That's a range of subjects, which one do you enjoy teaching the most? ☺ That's great, I believe that getting children interacting and involved in what they're doing is the best way to learn - even for me learning new things now! Thank you very much for sharing with us, I look forward to seeing your contributions to Collaboroo and I hope that you enjoy being part of our community,

Giving it a go

Hi  my name is Lynne,  I did my NNEB over 20 years ago and qualified to work in the NHS as a Nursery Nurse, After becoming jaded working in  the NHS I decided to return to childminding.......a job I had done when my children were thing I have ever done. I love the differences each day brings, the chances I have to enhance these little ones lives and the fun we all have every day, In my spare time...which isnt't very often :-) I enjoy relaxing in my new hot tub and reading a book. I am looking forward to finding some new and exciting activities for my children to do and hopefully share a few with you myself.

Community Manager

@lmcg123cat Hello, it's lovely to meet you and welcome to Collaboroo. I am glad that you found happiness in working as a Childminder - sounds just as much fun for you as it does for the children! 😃

A hot tub sounds like a very good way to spend your well deserved free time, what sort of books do you enjoy reading? 📖

That's great to hear, we thoroughly look forward to seeing your contributions to our community and I hope that the site will be very useful for you! 


I was a registered child minder for 14 years, achieving outstanding at my last inspection, unfortunately I'll health forced me to give up, I am now blogging to share my experiences and knowledge

Giving it a go

Hi, I'm Catherine and I am a Nursery teacher, who works in a primary school in Tankersley, near Barnsley.

I enjoy my job because of the children in my class. They are incredible little people, who constantly amaze me with the things they do and say.  I also enjoy working with an fantastic Early Years team, who support and help me, and make me laugh!

When I'm away from school I like to spend time with my family (who are growing up way too fast!)

We enjoy walking, talking and watching films together.


Community Manager

@Ndennis I am sorry to hear that you've had to give up your job. I hope that the 14 years as a child minder has provided you with amazing experiences and memories. Thank you for sharing your blog with us, there's a lot of helpful detail, advice and ideas on here. I hope that some of this can be shared and incorporated into our community for our members to read 😃

Anyway it's great to meet you ☺ welcome to Collaboroo and I look forward to seeing your contributions. 

Community Manager

@cath Hello Catherine, it's lovely to meet you. The little ones are learning something new every day and you're there to witness it - what more could you ask for! It's great to hear that the people around you have such a positive impact on your time spent at work. 

Can't beat some nice family time! 😃 Where's your favourite kind of place for you all to go walking? I love a walk on the beach or a sunny stroll around local villages


So, welcome to Collaboroo! I hope that you really enjoy your time here on the community and I look forward to seeing your contributions. 

All the best 😊


Looking for topic suggestions/requests for my next blog post

Giving it a go

Hi, everyone!

I am working as a nursery nurse in a nursery setting in Barnsley, mainly with 2 year olds. 

The best thing about my job is watching the children grow and learn new skills.

I have 2 sons, one aged nearly 3 and the other is 7 years. I love spending time with them, going for walks with our dog, Charley, baking and doing craft activities.


I have written a blog post titled how I achieved an outstanding Ofsted grade, please read it and leave comments and thoughts

Community Manager

@Joyous Hello and welcome to Collaboroo 😃 that's lovely, early years are learning new skills every day! What is your favourite thing to bake? (Your speciality). 


Thank you for introducing yourself, I am very glad to have you here on our community, I hope you enjoy being part of it!

Giving it a go

Hi everyone!


I'm currently a pre-school teacher and mother of a 3 year old. I have just set up my own business offering pre-school experiences to 1-2 year olds living in HCMC. I do this two days a week so I can concetrate also on my family and completing a distance learning Masters in Early Years. You can check out my FB page for crafts and activitiesfor little ones: Step to Pre-school.

I love working with little ones, I guess what I enjoy most is see them develop before my eyes, socially and academically.

Outside of work I love travel, spending time as a family, trying new restaurants and enjoying movies. I like to blog and hope I can add something to callaboroo!




I'm Catherine. I've previously been a primary school and early years teacher. I also spent some time as a deputy manager of a nursery, and as part of this role was the pre-school room leader, and Forest Schools leader.


I came out of education because of ill health and now spend my time writing, and occasionally tutoring. 


I have a daughter, who is on the autistic spectrum, so have some personal, as well  as professional insight into SEND.


I'm very passionate about education, and especially the benefits that can be gained from Forest Schools. 


On the rare occasion that I'm not working, I write poetry and attend as many live music gigs as I can.

Giving it a go

Hi there, 

My name is Sylvia and I’m new to all this. I’m currently a LSA in Primary (Year 6) and in January I will start my new adventure, Training to be a HLTA. 

3 things I really enjoy about teaching is;

1) seeing the ‘penny drop’ when the children understand what I’ve taught them.

2) hearing and seeing all the fun the children have through their learning in everyday school life.

3) this one is the most enjoyable thing, passing my knowledge and understanding on to the children and seeing them use it.


My perfect weekend would consist of relaxing as this is very rare due to my daughter being a dancer and myself a teacher of dance, so as you probably guessed, my life outside of work is taken up by dance classes, practicing and numerous competitions.

I absolutely love spending time with my husband and daughter and we try to do something together as a family every Sunday because this known, in our house, as Family time. 

Outside of school life (as I’ve already said) I’m a qualified teacher of dance and belong to the BATD. I’ve danced my self from the age of 3 and still continue to teach at the school I was taught at. Back in the day I was lucky enough to compete in the biggest competition (in the dance world) that was the Miss Dance of Great Britain. 57 competitors from around Britain take part in it to win the title and £1500. 

My daughter (13 years old) is now following in my foot steps but she is a far better dancer than me.

Community Manager

Hello @Sylviasenior76 - Welcome to Collaboroo! 

What an exciting thing to start doing in the beginning of the new year. Good luck with your training.

Those are all lovely things to experience as a teacher, it really is all about the children. 😊


Wow, dancing from the age of 3 - it is clearly something that you have a lot of passion about, similarly with your daughter, which is great! Nothing beats a family trend. What an amazing opportunity to be part of! Is this something that your daughter would be interested in doing with her talents?


Well again, a big hello, this teaching community is a great place to connect with other teaching professionals for advice. Maybe if you had any questions to ask during your training, you could ask them to our community, there are some lovely people who are always here to help! (You can ask questions by clicking on the 'Contribute' button, then selecting the relevant subject)

Also it would be lovely to see your interests being transformed into ideas for the classroom, for example, would you happen to have any ideas or activities for teaching Dance to children at school? If so, you should most definitely share them here - we would love to see them!


Anyway, I hope that you enjoy your time on the community! If you happen to have any questions please feel free to get in touch with myself, or our community manager @CeriH!
Look forward to seeing your contributions 😃


Getting involved

Hi. I currently work in year 1. I have experience of all years but mainly EYFS and KS1. I own a kitten called Bear, a little female british blue cross who is my avatar picture. Love cats loads and all animals. Love being outside with the children and run a creepy crawlie after school club in my KS1 garden area. Been teaching over 24 years and still love it but have seen so many changes it's scary. Hi to all xx

Dedicated Collaborator

Hi @Denise44

Thank you for joining us and introducing yourself. You are definitely in good company, we love cats too at Collaboroo HQ! Lots of our Collaborators are animal lovers, you can see some of them in the teachers pet day that we ran last year here


The Creepy crawlie club sounds like lots of fun, we would love to see some of the activities that you do. You can share them in our primary science area here.


At Collaboroo we are here to support each other and to work through the changes and challenges together. If you have any questions you can post them using the pink contribute button and hopefully someone will be able to help or give you some ideas or suggestions. If you need any help in using Collaboroo, please message @RachelP or myself.


Looking forward to collaborating with you soon.

Giving it a go

Hi there and happy New year I hope it's a happy and successful one for you all..

My name is Claire mother of 4, I am currently not a teacher, I am a childminder to 5 other children. I love every part of my job the only thing I dont like is the limitations of numbers I can look after..!

I am a graduate from Grays School of Art and i specialised in Textiles design and loved every minute of it.. I wanted to continue onto teaching after graduating but unfortunately due to family commitments I was unable to..

Now I am looking into continuing my studies with a post grad next year..

I am also a face painter and do parties, weddings and events mostly on the weekends.. Whenever I do get time off I love going on holiday with my kids spending time with the husband and crafting (knitting, weaving or crocheting).. 

I have probably rambled on enough I am excited to join the group and looking forward to being inspired 

Thanks Claire


Dedicated Collaborator

Hi @Claire143 Thank you for introducing yourself and a very warm welcome to Collaboroo!


Textiles design sounds really interesting. We would love to know if you have any fun textile design ideas that might be good activities for primary /early years children. You can share them in our EYFS art and design or Primary design and technology or primary art and craft sections. We would also love to see photos.


Great to hear that you are continuing with your studies. If you have any questions about teaching, please feel free to ask them on Collaboroo (using the contribute button at the top of the page) and hopefully one of our Collaborators will be able to help. 

Giving it a go

Hi everyone. I' a reception class teacher and new to being part of an early years unit. I love teaching the youngest children as they love to learn and have no preconceptions.  I have 2 beautiful daughters, both have left home. I love spending time with my family and my 2 dogs. I hope to get a lot of inspiring ideas from collaboroo. 😁

Dedicated Collaborator

@paulahopwood A very warm welcome to Collaboroo. Thanks for introducing yourself. We have lots of ideas for reception and early years, we hope that you find them useful. Please do add a comment and let us know how you get on if you try any of them out with your children.

Giving it a go
Hi my name Is Tracy, I'm not a teacher, I'm a child practitioner in a preschool nursery, senco and mum. My favourite things about work are the children, their imaginations and the journey they take you on. I'm new to collaboroo and joined to find out what exciting activities, ideas and advice the site as to offer. Hopefully I will be able to share ideas too when I'm not as new. I love family time, reading, days out and walking my dog snoopy. My perfect weekend would be in a log cabin in the countryside with lovely walks, lot of wildlife, log fire, family and lots of laughs. Thanks for having me guys. Xx
Community Manager

A big hello @Tracy-H! Welcome to Collaboroo 😊 thank you for introducing yourself, it's lovely to meet you. I hope that there are plenty of ideas here on our community for you to be inspired by and try out with the children you work with. 

We would also absolutely love to see some of your ideas shared too. Any specialist area as well like SEN ideas would be wonderful! If you have any troubles on making your way around the community, do be sure to let me know and I will help out as much as I can - even if it's just making your first post 😃


Also, Snoopy...what a fab name and that really does sound like the perfect weekend!

Thank you for being here - I look forward to seeing you around Collaboroo

Giving it a go
Thanks for the lovely warm welcome RachelP. 😀x

Hi, my name is Vicky,

I'm originally from the UK and I'm currently teaching in a Reggio inspired Preschool in Isreal. I specialize in Music and Art and I'm passionate about believing children are capable and competent learner, who are inquisitive and interested to explore the world around them. Children learning within a holistic approach as part of a community has a beautiful value which our children hold dear in their heart.  


I'm looking forward to being part of a like-minded community that sees value in how they teach and partners with children. Thank you  x

Dedicated Collaborator

@VickyEdwards A very warm welcome to Collaboroo. I hope that you are finding our online workshops interesting..


It is great to see that we are getting more members from around the world and it will be fantastic to get your input and ideas particularly on any teaching approaches that are different in Israel and also the Reggio approach and how it works for you.


Great to hear that you specialise in art and music. You can see lots of Early years art  ideas here.  We don't have many ideas for early years music so far, so would love to see any that you have. If you need any help with posting, please do get in touch with me or @RachelP

Giving it a go

Hi I am Vicki and I am a year 3 teacher.  I have been teaching for 9 years. I have a daughter who is 7 and a little boy who is 1 next week so have to juggle full time work as well as being a mummy. I love being outside with the kids, taking our mad springer spaniel Rolo for walks and spending time with the family.


I did an Art degree before I decided to do a PGCE so try to be creative in the classroom.

Dedicated Collaborator

@lilvix86 Welcome to Collaboroo and thank you for joining us. Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy! We hope we can help a little with the juggling, so if you ever need help or ideas, you can always post a question in Collaboroo.


We would definitely love to see your creative art ideas that you do with your children or or course any other ideas that you have. If you do need any help at all in posting, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Hi my name is Emma and I am an SEN specialist family support worker. I have also worked with children and young people with disabilities from foundation to university in education. I currently support families to ensure that children with disabilities can thrive in their lives and I work closely with schools to offer strategies around communication, behaviour and inclusion. 


I love working with children in education because I love supporting them to realise their potential. I love their view on the world and the spark of magic that is inside all of them.


I love spending time with my family, going to the beach and being out in nature.


I would love to be able to share my ideas and experiences with others as I have been priveledged to work with so many children with unique needs that they have been my teachers x

Dedicated Collaborator

Hi @Emmasuz Thank you for joining us at Collaboroo and welcome! 


It is great to hear about your experience and knowledge which I am sure will be much valued by our community at Collaboroo. I know there are some others in the community that specialise in SEN but also many more with an interest in how they can achieve the best possible outcomes for children with SEN within mainstream schools.


We have an SEN group here which you can join and participate or start discussions relating specifically to SEN but please also feel free to post any other ideas you have using the 'contribute' button at the top of the page.


Looking forward to collaborating with you!

Giving it a go


I am Sarah and I love enabling people to shine!  I am a Motivation Specialist who supports teachers, parents and young people to improve engagement and motivation through 1-1 coaching, group work, workshops and training sessions. 


I love developing people's understanding of motivation and the impact it has on everything we say and do and then enabling them to use that knowledge to improve their own engagement and motivation or to support others.  By doing this we all help others to achieve more.  


I would like to raise peoples awareness of the topic of internal motivation and develop their knowledge so it can be considered more.


My perfect weekend involves family or friends, good food, sunshine, a little alcohol and intelligent conversation.


As I have found a new career that I love, it never feels like I have to do  things 'outside of work'!  But I do love sailing and cooking for friends.


I look forward to connecting with you.  


Community Manager

@PlainSailing Hello Sarah, I hope that you're well and a super big welcome to Collaboroo! This all sounds like wonderful work and I feel this knowledge could really benefit the teaching professionals here.


Please feel free to create pieces of content on Motivation and Engagement for both children and teachers - it would be really great to see on the community. 


Your perfect weekend really does sound lovely and sailing sounds like an exciting hobby to have 😃


I hope that you enjoy your time on Collaboroo and sharing and connecting with the other teaching professionals on the community! I look forward to seeing more contributions from you soon. 

Giving it a go

Thanks Rachel


I would love to do some posts - watch this space