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It is with much regret that we are announcing the closure of Collaboroo.

For more information, please visit this post.

Meet Alfie the Christmas Elf!

Meet Alfie the Christmas Elf!






Collaborators, we would like to introduce you to a new member of the team, Alfie – our Christmas Elf here at Collaboroo.


This little elf will be joining us here at Collaboroo HQ over the festive season, and we’re very excited to have him…we think!

🎄 🌟


He will be assisting us with the everyday running of our community and we will be sure to keep you updated on how Alfie is getting on. Word from the North Pole is that he’s quite the hard little worker – although he’s chuckling as we write this. Others say he’s a mischievous little character, but we suppose that’s for us to find out! 


Anyway, we will be keeping this post constantly updated with pictures of Alfie's adventures in the office, so watch the comments below and keep your eyes peeled. 👀

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Have you been visited by a Christmas Elf this festive season?

If so, share with us what they have been getting up to in the comments below. 👇




Monday 4th Dec

We have had Alfie here all week trying to decide where he wants to the Sensory Den or in a pack of super soft pompoms...where do you think he has chosen to sleep? Who knew this would be such a tough decision 


Elf on the Shelf 1 logo.jpgElf on the Shelf 2 logo.jpg




Wednesday 6th Dec

Today, it seems that Alfie has got himself tied up in some sort of Lion King scene?

I also think he underestimated the size of that elephant...


Alfie the elf.jpg



Friday 8th December


It would appear that Alfie enjoys the sweeter things in life and knows no boundaries when it comes to getting what he wants...

Alfie Elf.jpg

Alfie Elf 2.jpg




Thursday 14th December

Alfie has definitely got that Thursday feeling...just waiting for a Friday! We don't think he's achieved much today. We've only seen the log in screen.


Elf 2.jpg



Monday 18th December 

Alfie is taking a lead role today with some Elf and Safety. But there’s a problem, being so small he’s a tripping hazard himself...but don’t worry, he’s made himself seen