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It is with much regret that we are announcing the closure of Collaboroo.

For more information, please visit this post.

Meet hgould

Meet hgould




Hello there! 


We would like to introduce you to one of our Collaborators, @hgould. Find out more by reading our Q&A below...


😄 💬


Collaboroo: Tell us a bit more about yourself? What type of school/ setting do you work in? What age group do you teach and do you have any special interests/hobbies?

hgould: Hello! My name is Hayley and I work as a reception teacher in a maintained primary school in London. The school has very high levels of EAL and PP. 


Collaboroo: What is it about teaching makes you happy?

hgould: I love everything about teaching reception - the children complete an amazing learning journey during the year. They become readers, writers, mathematicians, risk takers, leaders, actors, artists, dancers, movers and most importantly develop independence that sets the scene for their futures. 


Collaboroo: What are your top tips for engaging children in the classroom?

hgould: I am a big advocate for positive praise and enabling children to take ownership of their learning by informing them of next steps. 


Collaboroo: You are sharing lots of fantastic ideas here on our community, what is it that you like about Collaboroo?

hgould: I love the ideas shared by others on Collaboroo and having a network of others to seek advice from and share ideas with. 


Collaboroo: Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to get more involved in Collaboroo?

hgould: I advise logging into Collaboroo on your commute (if not driving) or assign some time in the day to look at the page. Smile at others ideas and give advise when you can. If you ever need advice yourself ask the many other lovely members!


Collaboroo: What is your ideal weekend?

hgould: My ideal weekend would involve spending quality time with my partner, friends and family 😊



Thank you very much to @hgould for taking part in our interview and being one of our featured Collaborators. 

Make sure that you check out their profile to see the wonderful contributions they have shared to Collaboroo. 


Keep your eyes peeled for more 'Meet Our Collaborators'!

(If you would like to be a featured Collaborator, just get in touch...we would love to find out more about you.)



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Thanks for the shout out guys!