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Our Guidelines

Our Principles

We believe that our principles are key to the success of our community. They set out how we behave and work together and help to make Collaboroo a safe and happy place for everyone.


As we are a community, respect goes without saying really. Relationships are key and these are mainly built using language.

  • We make everyone feel welcome
  • We value everyone's opinion, even if it differs from our own
  • We think about how our comments or language make others feel


We believe that the power of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By working together we can achieve amazing things. Each member of our community can play a part by:

  • Sharing in our big idea
  • Sharing their own ideas and knowledge
  • Being active and focussed on working together
  • Recognising the positive ways that they can make a difference in the community

Always Learning

We have a strong commitment to get better and excel at what we are doing and we hope that our community members will share this. This means:

  • Being open to learning and developing
  • Accepting that no matter how good we are we can always improve
  • Listening to others feedback and ideas and being ready to freely share our own experiences

Fresh Thinking

  • We're not scared of being a bit different, in fact we positively embrace it
  • We make ideas happen and are keen to share our successes and learning
  • We inspire others to try new approaches

Our Community Rules

We all want to share ideas and knowledge and help each other. We have just a few simple rules to make sure that everyone can connect and collaborate in a safe and welcoming environment. Anyone that breaks these rules may be banned from the community. Please ensure that you understand and follow them. By joining and using Collaboroo, you have agreed to our Full Terms of Service.

Keeping Safe

  • Don't disclose names and locations of children or post pictures of them on the community
  • Use your own personal and professional judgement including carrying out relevant risk assessments when deciding if and how to use ideas, activities or advice
  • Don't publicly post personal details including your full name, place of work, address, email or telephone number
  • If you see content that doesn't comply with our terms of use, notify a moderator using the 'flag inappropriate content' button
  • Keep your log in details and passwords secret
  • Your information will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy


  • Don't post anything that wasn't written or created by you or that breaks the law including infringing copyright, database, intellectual property rights or trade mark legislation
  • Don't write or post anything that is abusive, violent, sexual, hateful, racist or derogatory about a person or other entity
  • Don't post SPAM, material or content that is advertising, soliciting or selling including the names or website addresses of companies that sell educational products, resources or services other than The Consortium
  • Stay on topic and post in the most relevant category

We reserve the right to update these guidelines at any time in the future with due notice.